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I'm Kate, I have 20 + years experience working with women just like you. Come and join our Women's outdoor, fitness community in Weybridge and Esher 


Are you ready to feel great?

Are your Tired of midlife hormonal weight gain, loss of energy and would like to join a women only fitness community

I can show you how to get into your best shape after 40 so let's make a plan to get you stronger, feeling fitter and feeling younger! 

let's work together - call today on 03336000121


Have you had enough of feeling lethargic, having aching joints and would you like to join our social fitness community 


Getting fit at mid-life can feel overwhelming but I believe that age is just a number and we can kickstart out wellness journey at any age.


I was formerly Zodiac, Gladiators - and a British record holder, but my passion now is about helping other  women get stronger and fitter and be their best selves.  

I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body. My aim is to help you identify your goals, design simple, effective programs that fit your needs and guide you through every exercise, every workout.


My holistic approach to fitness and health will have you feeling great from the inside out so you can feel fantastic into mid-life and beyond! .



Call me today and let’s make a plan!

About Kate



Women's Fitness boot camp


Running All Year


1-1  or small groups at home, my location in 

Weybridge, or online 


4 week Fitnesscamp online programme with unlimited 1:1 support


A gentle return to training for those getting back to their fitness

Training With Kate

PRAISE - Thank you ! 


I can’t begin to explain how fun and effective Kate’s sessions are...

Kate is a great coach.  Every session is different and effective targeting the whole body. Her programme is great after becoming a master trainer in California and and Kate’s enthusiasm and friendly way makes you almost forget that you are exercising.  Her method of training is perfect for getting stronger, getting leaner and will do wonders for your mental health.  I trained with Kate at the Bodyholiday in St Lucia which was amazing and I and realised that gyms can actually be a very lonely place!  Lucy Miller, Editor of Health and Fitness Magazine

Lucy Miller
Editor of Health and Fitness



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